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About 2BTracked-Systems

In recent years, 2BTracked-Systems has crafted tracking solutions renowned for their unparalleled reliability in the market. Our system empowers organizations across the world to oversee and coordinate hundreds of mobile assets efficiently.

At 2BTracked-Systems, we provide all-encompassing systems designed for the tracking, surveillance, and security of your assets. Furthermore, we are committed to aiding in the protection of your workforce, enhancing your management capabilities.

Made for you!

Our commitment is to deliver a fleet management solution that is intuitive and straightforward. Even users new to our platform can master its full capabilities within just half a day/- this includes those who might not be tech-savvy.


2BTracked-Systems stands out as a flexible, modular system designed for the live tracking and oversight of mobile assets, workforce, and industrial operations.

At its heart lies the 2BTracked-Systems software – a user-friendly yet extensive tool facilitating Asset Management.

This allows organizations to effortlessly observe, track, and oversee their mobile resources. Additionally, the standard module offers the capability to create fully customized reports tailored to specific needs.


For a solution to truly excel as a business tool, it must be crafted to meet customer needs both now and as they evolve.

We recognize that forming a partnership with a customer is a lifelong commitment. Thus, when we introduce the 2BTracked-Systems system into an organization, we ensure it is designed with adaptability and longevity in mind.

Our resource center is equipped to tailor various components of the system to align with your specific requirements. Built to industry benchmarks, the 2BTracked-Systems system seamlessly integrates with other systems and back-office applications, ensuring flexibility and future-proof operation.

Insourced solutions

The solution for those wanting the highest level of independence.

For those customers with there own IT resources and capabilities, we can deliver the 2BTracked-Systems system as a stand alone software deployment.

2BTracked-Systems delivers an installation of the hardware, network and software components and work with the customer’s teams to conduct skills transfer as well as offer a support service.

This creates an environment where the customer develops complete agility and independence of action. This solution is particularly suitable for organizations that have hundreds of mobile assets or plants.

Implementing an in-sourced solution: Experience shows that successful IT projects are based on 80% sound consultancy and 20% raw technology.
Regardless of customer size, we provide a well executed system implementation
that meets agreed time scales and customers’ expectations of quality and functionality.

Outsourced solutions

2BTracked-Systems also provides a complete system and service to the clients on a monthly-based package who would like to have the tracking features but wouldn’t like to be burdened by the administration of infrastructure and all, somehow accessible through an internet connection.

2BTracked-Systems provides a complete solution to monitor and track your mobile assets and personnel. This includes software, hardware, installation, and GPRS/GSM data cards.

With the prevailing trend of managing several hundred mobile assets each month for our customers, we have been able to build a repute as a trusted service provider in this sector.